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Our services

We, Global Research Inc. support you find next position based on our 20 years experience.
We have lots of exclusive referrals on positions not publicly disclosed in job market. We have 40 consultants who have over 30years career in each industries. We also provide services to correct your resumes, practices for interviews, and everything arround your job hunting. Of caurse all services are free of charge.

How will we help your job hunting ?

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STEP1. Apply

Please apply your resumes on "APPLY" page. We will contact you soon later.

STEP2. Counseling

Every our career consultants have over 30 years experience in each industries.
We listen your career and demand at the first time to meet with you.

STEP3. Provide positions fit on you

We provide some positions which fit on your career.

STEP4. Interview

We set the date and place of interview with client companies.

STEP5. Got your position

We also conduct negotiations about salary, position and every issue related with your career.